About company

‘OOO United Glass-Manufacturing Plants. Management Company’ is a group of companies consisting of two glass-manufacturing plants and a management company. Their purpose is manufacturing and sale of glass containers for alcoholic, food and medicine products. The group’s philosophy consists in maximum focus on our clients, meeting customer needs even with exclusive orders and providing services. This allows our clients to place orders repeatedly.

OOO Petersburg Glass is a state-of-the-art production site featuring modern equipment and a complete team of experts.

The enterprise’s production facilities have been growing over the entire contemporary history of the plant starting from 2002. This means the demand for the enterprise’s products grows, so our philosophy is successful.

ZAO Borisov Glass is a renowned brand of medicine glass container quality. During the last 5 years, the enterprise has mastered, produced and sold some dozens of new products for food and alcohol industries in order to diversify our customer portfolio and increase the market competitiveness.

The enterprise employs hereditary glaziers, sometimes, in the third generation. We strive to maintain succession traditions and value our staff for their commitment.

The management company is a team of highly professional top managers, who focus on providing the manufacturing facilities with orders and raw materials, selling containers, promoting new products, defending the group’s interests both in legal and economic fields.

Work with us is pleasure!