About OOO "Petersburg glass"

The Petersburg Glass plant is one of the oldest enterprises in Leningrad region dating back to the beginning of 19th century. From a small plant, it has developed to a modern, fast-growing enterprise.

Today, the Petersburg Glass plant holds leading positions on the Russian glass container production market.

The plant majors in production of containers for food industry made of green, olive, brown and black glass, volume - 0.2l to 1l. The plant's production capacity allows manufacturing up to 100 tonnes of glass mass a day.

Also, the plant majors in production of complex, tailor-made items with small series from 300 000 pcs.

The established partnership with mold equipment manufacturers enables us to guarantee to our clients that a new item will be produced on the 45th day after the draft is agreed by both parties.

The state-of-the-art glass-manufacturing equipment (a regenerative, continuous-action glassmelter with horse-shoe flame development along with Italian glass-forming machine Bottero IS8) makes it possible to produce high quality glass containers up to 342mm high and up to 111mm in diameter.

At present, the plant produces green glass containers. The enterprise's primary product range consists of bottles for sparkling and still wines.

High quality of our products has been confirmed not only by declarations of meeting regulatory standards, but also by recent production modernization.