From 2013 to 2014, OOO Petersburg Glass carried out modernization of its production.

During this period of time, cold repair of a glass melter was carried out and major technological units of the glass container production line were re-equipped.

A new Italian glass-forming machine Bottero IS8 (eight sections, two-drop feed, center-to-center distance - 5.5"), a new annealer (Orel-Steklomash, Russia) and a new inspection machine (Iris, France) were installed.

The furnace feeder channel consists of high quality refractory bricks made in Italy, just like the entire equipment, which secures the melter's operation, including a control and automation system.

A new dust removal system has been developed and built.

Along with major units, all main and auxiliary spots and work sites have been re-equipped and upgraded. Accumulation tanks in a composition shop have been increased. The warehouse area has been broadened and modernized.

The vehicle fleet, for both transportation and internal services, has increased.

Working and administrative buildings have been renovated.

Lanes, roads, sites and parkings have been paved with asphalt. Trees were planted on free territories.

The whole territory of the enterprise has transformed significantly.