Job vacancies

Position Candidate specification
Chief power engineer Engineering degree;
Work experience on a chief/senior power engineer position in an industrial company - 3 years minimum.
Work experience at a continuous process enterprise is preferred.
Legal adviser Law degree (state accredited university);
Work experience - 3 years minimum (preferably, in a production company);
Work experience in civil law area;
Work experience in corporate law area;
Work experience in land law area;
Experience of independent management of legal disputes in courts of different instances.
Senior supervisor of glass
automatic and semi-automatic machines
Experience of work on IS machines (Bottero, BDF, GPS) - 5 years minimum;
(work schedule: rotational system).
HR manager Higher education (psychology, HR management);
Experience of work on a similar position in production - 3 years minimum.

The company asked its master mechanic Vladimir Moiseev to leave a post